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When they call your bluff, just enter their number into the app and tap the green track button. The app hones in on your friend's location which happens to be yours as well and the radar target zooms in with a satellite view of your area. Phone Tracker Spy is a decent novelty app but the biggest drawback is that there's no trial version to let you try things out first.

Turning your Windows Phone into a surveillance camera with Gotya | Windows Central

Splinter Cell has eleven levels set in eight different world wide locations. You have a wide range of weapons at your disposal, surveillance gadgets, and a few other tricks you can deploy against your enemy. You can grab it all here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Security Toolkit may be the ultimate security and surveillance app available for your Windows Phone.

There is a free computer console available that you can download here that allows the app to reach full potential. You connect your Windows Phone over WiFi so it can act as a remote camera or monitor for your computer's webcam. Not sure you need all the tools in the kit? It won't let you track another phone but will let you turn your phone into a homing beacon that can be tracked online.

Device Tracker does require you to create an account free over at Quoox.

Once you turn on the tracker it will run under a lock screen and update the phone's position in intervals ranging from 5 seconds to 15 minutes. Then all you do is go to the online mapping and see where your Windows Phone is traveling. The online tracking display will zoom in to street level and display the phone's coordinates, speed, altitude and direction of travel.


Gotya captured a wide range of birds partaking in the feeder as well as an annoying squirrel. The control buttons are used to dim or black out the viewfinder, toggle between the front or rear cameras, calibrate the motion detection area and begin the recording session. You do have to fine-tune the motion detection area to avoid hundreds of unnecessary images. The Bourne Legacy hit theaters today and we felt that it would be appropriate to focus on spy type apps for your Windows Phone this week. Here's a novelty app for your Windows Phone that lets you track cell phone simply by entering the number to track. Detective is a Windows Phone app that allows you to use your phone as a sound activated recorder.

The downside is that you have to abandon your Windows Phone in the process but if you need a tracking device quick, Device Tracker could come in handy. You can find it all here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. As the title implies, this Windows Phone app allows you to record calls from your phone.

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With Call Recorder , simply tap the microphone icon and you are recording the call. You can add names, numbers, mark the recordings as important and upload the finished product to your SkyDrive Account.

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To use the remote controller, set up your camera accordingly and then go to either the Gotya web portal or another Windows Phone running Gotya. You will need to enter your username and password a few times and then you can tweak settings or capture a snapshot from the remotely controlled cameras. Through the remote controller feature, you have access to the full range of settings for the camera.

While a Live View feature would do wonders for the remote controller, being able to fine-tune the sensitivity settings remotely is a nifty touch.

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I was able to install Gotya on a Nokia Lumia and set the Windows Phone camera near a bird feeder. Gotya captured a wide range of birds partaking in the feeder as well as an annoying squirrel. While image quality won't land any of these images in the most recent edition of the National Birdwatcher's Magazine, they are good enough to give you an idea of what's going on.

I liked the concept behind Gotya but there are some shortfalls to the design. You have the obvious issues of leaving your Windows Phone laying around to double as a surveillance camera. I'm fortunate to have a few extra Windows Phones that could be used but how many of you would be able to spare your Windows Phone for a few hours?

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Then there is the battery consumption issue. While Gotya wasn't a major power drain, it is going to eat your battery at a faster clip and any lengthy surveillance time will likely require an external power source.

Asides from the power and convenience issues, Gotya does a good job of capturing images. You do have to fine-tune the motion detection area to avoid hundreds of unnecessary images. I can see Gotya coming in handy around the house to catch your teenage child coming in after curfew or to catch the person raiding the refrigerator in the middle of the night. I could also see Gotya being used from a car cradle to catch vandals messing with things.

GoToMyPhone lets you turn your old Windows Phone into a spy camera

Gotya does have room for improvement but as is, it's not too shabby of a surveillance app for Windows Phone. Skip to main content. Membership not required, but it'll help When you first launch Gotya, you'll be prompted to sign into your Gotya account or create one. Gotya's Camera View and Remote Control Launching the camera from Gotya's main page will pull up the camera's viewfinder that only supports horizontal orientation. Settings for Gotya's camera include: Add it to your Download Basket!

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The interface is far from being attractive and the fact that everything is well organized and easy to reach is one of the few advantages it has in this respect. The prompts for rating and reviewing the application are less intrusive than the ad banners displayed by other apps, so they are only a minor setback.

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The ability to record video from the built-in camera with the screen blackened is a neat idea, but it still needs a tiny bit of work because with the buttons remaining illuminated someone could easily realize what is happening behind the darkened display. Despite it being merely a video recording application, Hidden Camera requires access to the phone dialer as well as to the owner and phone identities. The app is friendly with the system resources, as the battery usage is kept low while the screen goes black.

However, the live preview, playing and uploading the captured files will need a bit more power, which increases the overall consumption.